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Lender Rate APR Points (Credits) Closing Costs
Poli Mortgage 4.125% 4.231% $1,800 $0 $2,994
Bank of America 4.125% 4.264% $3,495.60 $0 $9,274.91
Poli Mortgage 4.25% 4.314% $0 $0 $1,194
Chase 4.25% 4.376% $3,600 $0 $7,318
Wells Fargo 4.375% 4.467% $0 $1,800 $7,564
Citi Bank 4.5% 4.67% $4,500 $0 $8,355.19
*The above rates were available 02/13/2019 - 1:40pm ET
** Rates are subject to change and are based on certain assumptions. Rates may vary by state.
For more details, please see the Assumptions for the above noted rates.


* We don’t have all your information, therefore the rate and payment results you receive may not reflect your actual situation. This form does not constitute eligibility for lending. We offer many different loan options to fit your needs. To get the most accurate results for your specific situation please call 781-232-8000 to talk to one of our licensed mortgage consultants. Mortgage rates are subject to change at any time.

Rates and closing costs are based on the limited information input by borrower and verification of all required information is necessary. Until you lock your rate, APR and terms are subject to change, including rates, points, rebates and fees. Closing costs can vary based on county and state of residence. Total monthly payments do not include your real estate taxes, hazard insurance, or condo association fees if applicable. The quotes assume that borrower will escrow hazard insurance and real estate taxes. Third party fees (ex. Settlement agent) honored only if preferred providers are assigned by Poli Mortgage Group. Payments for optional closing items such as Owner's Title Insurance and other funds needed to close a loan such as homeowners insurance, property taxes and escrows are the full responsibility of the borrower.