Founder and President, Chip Poli, had the opportunity to provide Banker and Tradesman his perspective on the Fed’s recent decision to raise rates, and what that means for local lenders and buyers. See Chip’s comments below with a link to read the full article.

Fed Rate Hike Unlikely To Move Mass. Market

Chip Poli, founder and president of Poli Mortgage in Canton, wasn’t especially surprised by the Fed’s decision. Where his own business is concerned, Poli said he’s seen some potential buyers moving a little bit faster in anticipation of future rate hikes, and he even had a few customers trying to lock in rates ahead of Wednesday’s announcement. This week’s rate increase means that some buyers will have a little bit less purchasing power than they might have a year ago, but he doesn’t see this latest increase shaking many buyers out of the market.

“I think we’re in good shape right now. I don’t know what the next two will do, but I do believe Boston and Massachusetts in general are really strong markets,” he said. “People just need to digest that and be educated about it.”

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