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The credit scores consumers see are often higher than what a lender sees, giving you a false sense of what mortgage rates you qualify for.
That's because consumers often don't get FICO scores. As a lender, we go through TransUnion, Equifax and Experian to obtain an accurate credit score used to determine your mortgage rate.
This is an industry accepted standard and you can obtain a FICO score easily with Poli Mortgage Group.
It's a one-time fee that will be applied towards your mortgage application with Poli Mortgage Group for 120 days.

Joint Report: $50
Individual Report: $40
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    *The mortgage credit report is valid for 120 days for a loan application only with Poli Mortgage Group. The fee is credited to the cost of the mortgage loan application with our company. Once you pay the fee for the credit score you do not have to pay again.

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