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The credit scores consumers see are often higher than what a lender sees, giving you a false sense of what mortgage rates you qualify for.
That's because consumers often don't get FICO scores. As a lender, we go through TransUnion, Equifax and Experian to obtain an accurate credit score used to determine your mortgage rate.
This is an industry accepted standard and you can obtain a FICO score easily with Poli Mortgage Group.
It's a one-time fee that will be applied towards your mortgage application with Poli Mortgage Group for 120 days.

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Individual Report: $40
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    *The mortgage credit report is valid for 120 days for a loan application only with Poli Mortgage Group. The fee is credited to the cost of the mortgage loan application with our company. Once you pay the fee for the credit score you do not have to pay again.

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    PROMISE TO SELLER. In the event that a Seller is induced to accept an offer from, and enter into a purchase and sale agreement with, a radius borrower on account of this Promise in connection either with (a) a radius Pre-Approval or (b) a radius Credit Commitment and the Buyer is unable to close on such Eligible Transaction due to a mistake made by radius (with accurate and up-to-date information) on such Pre-Approval/Credit Commitment (a "Bad Pre-Approval"), then radius shall pay Seller ten thousand dollars ($10,000), subject to the terms and conditions herein as Seller's sole remedy.

    PROMISE TO BUYER. In the event that radius issues a Bad Pre-Approval to Buyer on an Eligible Transaction, radius will reimburse Buyer reliance expenses up to one thousand dollars ($1,000) for a home inspection, appraisal, or legal expenses actually paid out-of-pocket by Buyer, subject to the terms and conditions herein. This payment shall be Buyer's sole remedy.

    ELIGIBLE TRANSACTION. For purposes of this Promise, an "Eligible Transaction" is a purchase money mortgage transaction for a primary residence (made on or after April 1, 2018) (not made to a radius employee or immediate family member), provided that the loan is a Conventional, USDA, VA, or FHA loan product for either (i) an existing home resale or (ii) a newly constructed home that is to be delivered and closed within ninety (90) days of the P&S.

    CONDITIONS. The applicable radius Pre-Approval must not have expired prior to the date of the P&S. Offers/P&Ss cancelled due to home inspection issues or title defects are not covered under this Promise, and this Promise is void if a Bad Pre­Approval is the result of: (i) a change in Buyer's financial position, (ii) property specific requirements or expenses (e.g. homeowner's association dues/fees, flood insurance, or property taxes), or (iii) loan product availability or underwriting requirements, or third-party actions outside of radius' control.

    FUNDS DISBURSEMENT. Any funds due and payable under this Promise will be paid if requested by Buyer or Seller in writing within 90 days of the date of an applicable Adverse Action Notice and accompanied by a fully-executed copy of this Promise. Any payments made under this Promise will be reported to the Internal Revenue Service by radius on a Form 1099-MISC or as otherwise required by then-applicable law. Please consult your tax advisor for any tax implications.