Americans-ready-to-work-harder-to-make-homeownership-a-reality_1136_629302_0_14087827_500The national housing market has been recovering steadily, however there have been a few signs as of late that it has not been as robust as it perhaps should have been, and the reasons for this are numerous. Now, experts are taking a deeper look at one potential indicator of this – that the Federal Housing Administration has recently taken to increasing mortgage insurance fees for consumers who have home loans through the agency.

The reason that these loan increases have been put in place recently is that, like many major mortgage lenders, the FHA saw a huge wave of defaults that limited the amount of money it had to pay for insurance, and by increasing fees – often by hundreds of dollars a month – it was hoping to replenish those amounts, according to a report from Bloomberg News. However, experts have since noted that consumers may want to be aware that it could result in higher home loan costs every year.

Another potential issue for the market
Another problem the experts have noted is that many people who might seek FHA loans in the first place may be less likely to obtain one because of the size of these mortgage insurance fees, the report said. The agency issued about 27,100 new mortgages in February, the most recent month for which data was available, and that was down 32 percent on an annual basis, as well as the lowest level seen since the onset of the housing market’s downturn. Moreover, a recent estimate from the National Association of Realtors shows that the fee hikes could have held as many as 375,000 people out of the market in 2013 alone.

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