September—Back to School & what it means for House Hunting

Like it or not, the summer has come to a close. Just as school busses return to their routes, families shift gears and revert to their “usual” routines. With the wrap-up of camps, family getaways, and seasonal jobs comes a change in pace that affects all sorts of markets—housing markets included.

Are you interested in relocating, but fear that you missed a window of opportunity? Fear not! Here are some things to consider about the fall housing market, which may leave you thinking otherwise.

September & the Market

You may have heard that there tends to be a market slow-down during July and August because the prime season for real estate (spring) has ended. This notion has potential to cause buyers to lose interest in mid-summer months if they failed to find a home in the prime spring season. What this means for September, then, is a clean slate of sorts in terms of house hunters resuming their searches. So, while it’s often fair to assert that spring takes the cake in terms of supply (listings), the demand that the housing market sees in September can not only be healthy, but surprisingly high.

Secondly, September/October is a time when people are starting to consider their end of year tax scenarios. Being a homeowner is ideal here because of the tax return benefits. Specifically, homeowners can take advantage of dividends from both the interest on your mortgage payments as well as property taxes, because they are deductible from one’s gross income, making purchasing late in the year desirable for some.

The Back-to-School Cycle

The most notable transition when September comes to mind is, of course, back to school. Relative to the market, this can carry pros as well as cons depending on whether you plan to buy or sell a property. Vacation periods generally finish up by Labor Day weekend, and this means a return to daily life for many families. Factors to note here include changes in peoples’ availabilities, spending habits, and reluctances to change.

Moreover, parents may have some more time on their hands now that their kids are, for the first time in months, in school for much of the day, 5 days a week. Such parents may use this extra time to take steps towards starting a house search that they never got around to during the summer. Additionally, families realize that it is in their kids’ best interests to get them enrolled in a new school system as early as possible. While summer move-ins enable an entirely fresh start for kids, the next-best option may be to move in during the fall, so that they stand a better chance of making friends and catching up with the curriculum. In retrospect, the back-to-school season can bring about an increased attention for families considering relocating, and the mid-summer market slack created by the end of spring will have likely worn off entirely.


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