The-4-weirdest-homes-in-the-world_1136_506560_0_14087742_500In the market to purchase a home? Depending on the area in which you hope to live, there could be a multitude of properties to choose from, ranging in size, style and price.

While you may prefer to reside in a house with classic architecture and standard features, some homeowners might look for homes with unusual attributes in odd places. Though the U.S. has its share of weird houses, individuals around the world have invested a considerable amount of their time – and money – creating private residences that accurately reflect their personalities and ideals. Sometimes, these properties are constructed out of special materials, but in other cases, they include interesting design elements and outlandish aesthetics.

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The following four homes are regarded as some of the weirdest in the world – as their uniqueness has set them apart from other houses in their respective areas, states, countries and even continents.

Steenokkerzeel, Belgium
This 100-foot-high home is situated inside of a water tower that was built in 1938, used as a military hideout during World War II and remained in service until 1990. Renovation work, which was led by Bham Design Studio, began in 2008 and was completed shortly afterward. Boasting a two-car garage, two bedrooms, a master bathroom and panoramic terrace, this impressive structure has a lot to offer its inhabitants.

Mexico City, Mexico
Known as the “Nautilus House,” this residential home in Mexico’s capital city was designed by Senosiain Arquitectos as a couple’s private residence. According to the website Geekologie, the structure was built using steel-reinforced chicken wire and composite concrete, and made to look like the shell from which it borrows its moniker. Due to its construction, the house is earthquake-proof and requires no structural maintenance.

Guimarães, Portugal
Previously featured in the Portuguese film, “Moon,” this two-story residence has become somewhat of a tourist attraction in recent years. Originally built between four large boulders in 1974 as a rural retreat, the owners have observed a surge in interest from real estate enthusiasts from around the world. According to Huckberry, the house has been updated with a solid steel front door and bullet-proof windows, making it – literally – a fortress of solitude.

Warsaw, Poland
This property, regarded as the “Keret House,” is an art installation, according to the website Jakub Szczęsny, the architect, designed the residential space with the intent to fit between to existing buildings – and fill in the gap – as a comment on the the area’s troubled past and unfortunate urban planning. The home measures just 92 centimeters in width in some areas, to 152 cm in others. It boasts all the accommodations typical homeowners look for, perhaps with the exception of a breath-taking view.

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