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We at Poli Mortgage believe that our customers are not just those who we are able to process loans for. For us, that customer connection is forged from the very first “Hello!” 

With our service extending beyond just the life of an active loan, we offer resources throughout the entire home buying-process. You may not be mortgage-ready now, but we would love to help you get there!

As our customer, you deserve the very best. 

We have recently partnered with UnidosUS to offer our borrowers a solution. 

Meet UnidosUS!

Established in 1968, UnidosUS believes that “Stronger Communities” build a “Stronger America”. 

Since 1997, the programs offered by UnidosUS National Homeownership Network (NHN) have changed the lives of more than 590,000+ families.

Whether you are shopping around or feeling ready to buy, UnidosUS can help! 

They assist those in the home-buying process through counseling and expert advice. A Home and Urban Development (HUD) Certified Counselor will work with you to create an Action Plan tailored to your individual needs. 

They offer various levels of engagement and timelines that best-fit your situation. The invaluable information and financial skills learned during their support sessions will continue to benefit you, long after your mortgage has closed.

With Poli’s deep-rooted values and the mission UnidosUs works tirelessly to fulfill, this is a partnership we are proud to be apart of.

We look forward to the opportunity to help you change your life!

Connect With Unidos

Unidos HUD Certified Housing Counselors

Can help you realize your financial goals by:
  • Reviewing your personal situation (its confidential!)
  • Discuss different strategies to help reduce your debt & increase savings
  • • Create a personalized roadmap to increase your credit score
  • • Provide access to community resources to help with mortgage or rent relief if you’re behind on your payments

Registration & Your Journey

Two Ways To Sign Up:

Register online by completing a request form (click here to register)

Or call Unidos directly at 844-214-8332

Mon – Friday 8:30AM to 6PM PST

Our Intake Rep Will:
  • Inquire about your program goals to place with the appropriate expert
  • Create your profile and obtain basic demographics
  • Schedule a phone meeting with you and the Coach
  • Provide you with an overview of the program
On the Day Of Your Appointment:
  • Be sure you are in a quiet and safe space to talk to your counselor
  • The counselor will obtain your program goals, review your budget, and provide action items to reach your goal.
  • If you and your counselor identify that a follow-up session is needed, an appointment will be scheduled before the end of your call.
  • All sessions are free and confidential

Poli Mortgage Group is proud to stand behind a mission of rates, integrity and service. 

Not only are we committed to:

  • providing highly competitive rates,
  • closing each loan quickly and efficiently,
  • serving our customers with the greatest of integrity

we are also seriously invested in the people who represent our company and clientele.

It is our goal to help every customer through the home buying and mortgage loan process as conveniently and affordably as possible. 

With Poli Mortgage Group, you’ll receive personalized attention and guidance from trusted loan professionals.

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