The Poli Mortgage Refinance Application Process

refinanceapplicationprocessSimilar to when you first obtained your mortgage loan, you’ll begin your Poli Mortgage refinancing process with a self-assessment of your finances, credit and debt conditions. Next, you’ll take steps to prepare all of your documentation, and then you will complete a Poli Mortgage loan application. To make this process go more smoothly for you, Poli Mortgage now offers an easy-to-navigate online application designed to guide you through the completion of each section in the application document. Poli’s online application also allows you to save your work and return to it at a later time to finish. Just as you did during your initial Poli loan origination, you should reach out to your Poli Loan Officer at the earliest point in the process possible. They will help you avoid any unexpected pitfalls you might encounter in your refinance process. This also ensures your loan-to-close period will be kept as short as it possibly can be. If you are unable to connect with your loan officer prior to submitting your refinance application they will be in contact with you immediately upon the receipt of your application packet. At this point, they will step in to assist you through the rest of your refinance loan approval and closing phases. Refinancing is an excellent option for homeowners who would like to leverage their home’s equity or reduce the primary interest rate on their loan. The Poli Mortgage refinancing program requires no closing costs and very minimal up-front preparation. Get started today on refinancing your home loan, potentially lowering your interest rate and garnering the other valuable benefits a Poli Mortgage refinance loan can offer you.

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