For over 20 years, Poli Mortgage Group has exclusively specialized in residential mortgages. Our team of loan experts are dedicated to being your trusted resource in the mortgage industry.

We are committed to helping you achieve your homeowning goals by delivering you exceptional support, years of industry knowledge, and an expeditious loan close, to get you back to what matters most.

We Pride Ourselves On To Help Get You The Mortgage You Need.

Because It's More Than A Mortgage

It’s meals at the dinner table, surrounded by family.

A place to raise children, and provide them with a good education.

Decorating and renovating your home as YOU see fit.

It’s a new start, in a neighborhood you feel safe in.

Buying a home in today’s world?

It’s MORE than a mortgage, it’s about making memories…

Wherever you are in your home buying journey, Poli Mortgage is here to guide you.

We’ve been helping our clients reach their homeownership goals for over 20 years.

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How We Help

Our mortgage lending process is designed to create a personal relationship with you, taking the time to truly understand your unique personal and financial situation.

Our goal is to provide you with a product designed to meet your individual needs at the most competitive rates, while operating with the highest level of integrity, and offering exemplary service.


The application for your mortgage can be done in person or on the phone. However, the process of correctly completing a mortgage application is simple when you are properly guided through the process by a Poli Mortgage loan officer.

For this reason, we highly recommend this guided process.

An experienced loan officer will guide your through the application process so you can get your pre-approval and start making offers on houses!


A valid pre-approval is the best tool you can have in hand when shopping for a new home. The pre-approval, unlike the pre-qualification, has been examined by an underwriter.

Poli Mortgage Group has underwriters on staff; therefore, this process can be done relatively quickly. A pre-approval typically identifies you as a qualified buyer to the real estate agent and seller.

Processing & Underwriting

Our underwriting team will now run your loan through the automated underwriting process and move toward an approval of your application. The underwriters analyze tax returns, inspect title documents, review the appraisal, and verify employment, amongst many other things.

These conditions are usually further clarifications of documents already submitted, but they also may be completely new documents necessary for approval.

Between you and the loan officer, we will clear these conditions, so we can move onto the next step in the process. Once all conditions are cleared, a “clear to close” will be issued. This means you are all ready to close your loan.


At the closing, the attorney will go through the necessary paperwork that needs to be signed to make the transaction a legally binding one.

Once everything is signed off and clear - you are a new homeowner, congratulations!

Poli Mortgage's Community First Program

A Benefit Program Designed to Give Back to Those Who Have Given So Much

Our program assists the people who support our community, including:

  • Law Enforcement

  • Fire Fighters

  • Educators & School Staff

  • Military Members

  • Medical Personnel

… & more

Get Started Today

Wherever you are in your home buying journey, Poli Mortgage is here to guide you.

Our rates, service, and integrity have been at the core of guiding homeowners through what’s TRULY important to them in the homebuying process.

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