Mission Statement

Poli Cares is our commitment to facilitating affordable home ownership, supporting our communities and to giving back.

Be More Specific…

Poli Cares serves as the base for everything we do both internally and externally. Whether it be our super low rates, our charitable donations, the hours we spend serving our community, our commitment to excellent customer service, the benefit programs we’ve built, or our passion for giving mortgage shoppers the best experience possible, we strive to always go above and beyond to show how much we care. It also serves as our promise to always treat each other with respect and work as a team, which allows for a productive and happy workplace environment on a daily basis. We have a deep passion for helping people in every way possible, whether it is our customers, our fellow employees, our community, or those in need. Poli Cares serves as the symbol of this passion.

The many components of Poli Cares:

  1. Interest Rates– At Poli Mortgage Group, we are committed to providing the lowest possible interest rate to all of our clients. Through our constant evaluation and maximization of efficiences, and our willingness to take less, we are proud to say that our borrowers will always receive a rate which is amongst the lowest in the industry!
  2. Poli Cares Committee– This group of Poli employees, whom were nominated by their peers, and voluntarily accepted this nomination, is committed to ensuring all values and initiatives of Poli Cares remain consistent and true. They will work continually to organize our community service projects and our partnerships with charitable organizations. They will also aid in developing new benefit affinity programs which serve those in need and those who we believe deserve a little extra thanks for their dedicated community support. Additionally the Committee acts as leaders amongst their fellow employees to ensure our workplace is always one which consists of the highest levels of respect for one another, teamwork, and commitment to excellence in our jobs.
  3. Benefit Programs– With the help of the Poli Cares Committee and other members of our team, we will be developing and offering many benefit programs which serve those in need and those who deserve a special thank you for what they do each and every day. By partnering with realtors®, attorneys, and others in the mortgage process, these programs will generate substantial savings to all of those which they are designed to serve.
  4. Charitable Donations (‘Poli Cares Packages’)– We are working on partnering with numerous charitable foundations who will be the beneficiaries of our monthly donations. On every loan we close, a portion of our proceeds will be given to these organizations for distribution to assist those in need.
  5. Community Service– At Poli Mortgage Group, we feel very fortunate for the success and support that we have experienced since opening in 2001. As a direct result, we see it as our duty to always look to assist those in need as much as we can. Through Poli Cares, we will be teaming up with a number of community service programs to do just that. Poli employees have pledged their time and will partake in these projects, as we feel it is the least we can do to say ‘thank you’.
  6. Our Workplace Environment– All Poli Mortgage Group team members are asked to abide by and embody all core values of Poli Cares. This is exemplified by the way we approach our jobs with vigor and pride, the way in which we work together and always treat one another with respect, and our commitment to always going above and beyond to provide each and every one of our clients the best mortgage experience they will ever have.