Poli Mortgage Group announces the launch of The Poli Mortgage Mobile App. This app has been specifically developed to improve communications, productivity and efficiencies for borrowers, their Realtor and other transactional partners. In addition, the new App has been designed for new customers, whether refinancing or purchasing, providing them with key mortgage and real estate education.

The app is available to download from the iTunes App Store for iPhones, or Google Play for Droid smartphones. The Poli Mortgage Mobile app will allow for real time information and automatic updates on the loans progress.

Current borrowers will benefit from the app’s ability to keep them fully engaged throughout the mortgage loan process. All of their loan data and information is highly secured and password protected. They will be able to not only receive the notification that the appraisal and/or HUD is complete, but the app also provides the actual documentation to view on the go!

Realtors will gain the advantage of real time loan updates; including immediate loan milestone notifications and/or document requests that will shorten the time from application to closing. Each realtor will have their own login to view the loan progress and documentation. Working with the Poli Mortgage Mobile App will improve the client/realtor relationship by keeping realtors in the know as their client’s loan progresses through the system.

The application provides one touch contact information for all key parties involved in the transaction. That includes; Borrower, listing Agent, Buyers Agent, Loan Officer, and Closing Attorney. Another part of the app appealing to upcoming new home owners is the ability to search for information on local home service providers for the most common post sale needs such as home improvement stores and oil or gas companies.

Lastly, the app appeals to potential new homeowners with specialized features and important new homebuyer educational materials. If one is in need of a quick rate quote, putting in a request is easy, and a Loan Officer will be notified immediately to offer a quick response to any and all questions and requests. New homebuyers will be able to manage and store open house and home shopping photos as well as documentation for future reference. “We developed our Mobile app to benefit both borrowers and their Realtor partners. A recent Campbell Survey and Inside Mortgage Finance study indicated that 65% of Real Estate Agents would be more willing to recommend a particular lender if they provided a mobile “app” to track the status of scheduled mortgage closings. The new Poli Mortgage App will allow us to connect with our clients and partners in a new way that will revolutionize our communication, utilizing the latest technology.” VP of Marketing, Jim Schmidt noted. “In addition, the borrowers and partners that utilize our app will enjoy a more efficient and productive loan process right through to the closing. Poli Mortgage wanted to create something that would offer unique assistance to their customers and partners in this busy world; this mobile app will do just that.” To download the app simply go to your iPhone or GooglePlay store and search for Poli Mortgage.