Judy Turtz of Poli Mortgage was wonderful – as was her support team. As complex and time-consuming as the home purchasing process can be, Judy’s knowledge and insight — as well as her pleasant, calm, and patient demeanor — made the entire process a far more enjoyable one than it would EVER have been otherwise. Judy was not only on top of current issues, she was also keenly intuitive; she was able to foresee in advance areas of emergent concern (whether the source of that concern was the buyers’ agent, our agent, the title company, or other – this alone showed me the breadth of her knowledge concerning the mortgage process). Judy was with me from the initial application throughout the pre-qualification to the day of the final closing. Inasmuch as the legalities, jargon, and conventions of the mortgage industry were not overly familiar to me, Judy was able to interpret them for me in terms that were more comprehensible to an “outsider.” I highly recommend Poli Mortgage as a whole – the underwriters and other were caring and professional. Importantly, everything this company did ran like clockwork — as a former CEO and COO of a national healthcare company, I found their operations to be nothing short of impressive!