Tips-for-newlyweds-looking-to-purchase-a-home_1136_471471_0_14059511_500Did you just tie the knot with your loved one? Hoping to buy a house and start your family? Homeownership can greatly benefit you, as well as your growing family, by providing a sense of stability and began building equity for your future.

As housing markets from Florida to Maine continue to see positive figures recorded regularly, multiple opportunities to purchase residential property may be afforded to you.

At Poli Mortgage Group, we understand the significance of owning your own home, as well as all of the associated pleasures. In our 12 years of operation, our teams of Loan Officers have written more than $11 billion in loans, and as the 2013 wedding season gains momentum with each passing day, we expect to welcome many new clients to our lending family.

If you and your new significant other are looking to buy a house in the coming months, you may want to take a proactive approach to completing a home purchase, and can benefit by employing the following strategies:

Establish, enhance credit history
You would think twice before lending money to a friend who is notorious for not repaying debts, wouldn’t you? This is the same reason that improving your credit rating can help you to successfully navigate a home sale and obtain funds form a lender for the purchase.

Lenders want to see clear evidence that you’ll be able to repay a loan on time and in full. If you find any mistakes in your history report, contacting your creditor immediately and working towards correcting them can help raise your score significantly.

In addition, paying your monthly bills on time and keeping the outstanding debt to less than 35 percent of the total credit available, will have a positive long-term impact on your overall score.

Consider financing options
Though you and your partner may be more excited about starting your lives together, it is recommended prospective buyers first pursue preapproval before beginning to shop around for houses. This is also a good time to contact Poli Mortgage Group to get the current information about interest rates.

Gaining a firm understanding of your financial situation can substantially facilitate your search for housing.

Focus your house hunt
Once you have determined your buying power, you can begin viewing available properties that meet your criteria and your financial limits. Considering houses that are out of your price range can be both a waste of your time and incredibly disheartening – so don’t do it. Ever.

Licensed to lend in 18 states across the Eastern Seaboard, Poli Mortgage Group is always there to help. If you and your spouse have additional questions about obtaining an affordable loan and buying a home, don’t hesitate to call us at (866) 353-7654.