I have had the pleasure of doing 4 transactions with Poli over the last 4 years. Throughout, the years I can say I highly recommend Chris Raleigh as my loan officer. He is very responsive, knowledgeable, and ensures each transaction is smooth. It was a very pleasant experience with him when I bought my house in 2015 and refinanced it in 2016. What I appreciate most from Poli is that their mortgage rates are available on their website, so you know in real time what rate you can be quoted. I am always confident that I will get the best rates possible working with Chris Raleigh who is very keen on the markets. He even helped me when he was out of the office, so I could lock in a low rate when Brexit occurred. I am forever grateful for that, since I am now saving $300/month since refinancing! I will continue to use Chris Raleigh and Poli in the future and I recommend them to all my colleagues and friends!